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Concrete mixes

We offer production and delivery of goods

concrete of different brands (with and without admixtures) and concrete mixtures.

We use our own production facilities,

namely the UBRS.060 concrete mixing plant with a capacity of 60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. 

We guarantee the quality of manufactured materials and raw materials. All raw materials for production undergo laboratory examination, we also conduct laboratory analysis of our own products and provide a quality passport.

Mixtures of solutions

We offer the production and delivery of cement mortar for the production of plaster, joint filling, bricklaying, finishing and repair of other surfaces (floors, ceilings, walls). Depending on the intended use, it is possible to add additives that increase the quality characteristics of the solidified solution, such as additional strength, waterproofing, resistance to freezing, etc.



We are sure that construction is one of the most important areas in a person's life! Castles, palaces, huge cottages and skyscrapers, small and cozy huts and houses, absolutely all this is called CONSTRUCTION. A large number of enterprises, people and equipment work in various spheres of construction activity, including our enterprise "KONARD" LLC.

We have been on the market since 2004. The main types of activity are the production of building materials, the provision of construction equipment services, the manufacture of metal structures, insulation, waterproofing of surfaces and other works. The company gradually  is dynamically developing. In recent years, we have expanded our presence in the specialized business by developing new types of activities - participation in the construction of grain elevators and solar power plants, expanded and modernized existing production facilities, purchased and modernized a new "mobile" concrete-mixing unit, expanded our own fleet of automobiles and special equipment .

According to the published financial statements of LLC "KONARD" for 2021, the growth in the volume of sales of products, works, and services is 156%. More than half of sales volume is occupied by the production and supply of construction materials. Our company carefully monitors quality, we laboratory check raw materials at the entrance to production and the quality of products at the exit, because this issue cannot be ignored if you want to build a structure that will be both physically and technically safe and reliable. And choosing a reliable supplier can ensure that you get the highest quality materials at affordable prices. 

Our cooperation with many clients is calculated for years, which says  about the seriousness of our approach to work and excellent growth prospects. Our clients are such large construction enterprises in Sumy as LLC  "D.I.M. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY", "DIVINTOS" LLC, "BUDIVELNO-MONTAJNE UPRAVLNYNA №3" LLC, "Khimmontazh-14" LLC, "ROAD CONSTRUCTION" LLC, and small household consumers.

In recent years  "KONARD" LLC, in addition to the production and supply of construction materials, carried out work on the installation of metal structures, preparatory  and final works on the construction sites of GRAIN ELEVATORS in the Sumy region, in Nizhyn town, Chernihiv region, completed the full preparation of the site with an area of 10 hectares, produced metal frames for solar panels and installed the panels on the frames  according to the construction project of a photovoltaic SOLAR POWER PLANT with a capacity of 5 MW, located in the Kuyanivka village, Bilopol district, Sumy region. 

The basis of our further development  and stability we see in the following aspects:

1. Long-term trust relations with clients. 

2. High quality at reasonable prices.

3. Implementation of new complex projects, quick response to changes in the market and emergence of new technologies.

We try to do our work honestly and conscientiously. We are confident that our work is needed and benefits our clients, our city and the state as a whole!



Answers to questions

We will be happy to answer all your questions by phone +380 (542) 700-979. Or simply fill out the form below:


105 Kurskyi av., Sumy

40020, Ukraine

Phone: +380 (542) 700-979

Fax: +380 (542) 700-979


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