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ТОВ «Конард» пропонує для Вас на базі власних виробничих потужностей виробництво і доставку товарного БЕТОНУ РІЗНИХ МАРОК (з добавками і без), бетонних сумішей, щебню гранітного і цементу за вигідними для Вас цінами.

Наша компанія працює більше 20 років у сфері будівництва, виробництва та реалізації будівельних матеріалів, надання послуг спеціальної будівельної техніки, транспорту та механізмів на території міста
Суми та Сумської області.

  • delivery in Sumy - UAH 2240.

  • delivery across the region in both directions -
    UAH 50/km

Замовляйте бетон з доставкою по Сумам та Сумській області.

Classification of concrete

Artificial stone materials are called concretes, which are obtained as a result of solidification of a thoroughly mixed and compacted mixture of mineral or organic viscous substance with water, small and large aggregates taken in certain proportions.

Concrete prepared on the basis of cement or other inorganic binders is widely used. These concretes are usually sealed with water. As a result of the reaction between them, a cement stone is formed, which binds the grains of aggregates into a single monolith. Local rocks and production waste (slags, etc.) are mainly used as aggregates. The use of these cheap aggregates reduces the cost of concrete, since aggregates and water make up 85-90%, and cement 10-15% of the mass of concrete.

To control the properties of concrete and concrete mixture, various chemical additives are introduced into their composition, which accelerate or slow down the setting of the concrete mixture, make it more plastic, accelerate the hardening of concrete, increase its strength and frost resistance, and also, if necessary, change other properties of concrete.

B 7.5

This concrete is of the lowest grade and, accordingly, the degree of strength. It is used in construction, concrete preparation, parking lots, as well as at the stage of preparatory construction work, when a layer of this concrete is first laid, and already after it solidifies, reinforcement work begins. In other words, this brand of concrete can be used in the construction of non-responsible buildings and structures that will not be load-bearing. 

C 8/10

Such low-grade concrete is used most often in "concrete preparation", for concrete paths and floors, as a preparatory stage before pouring monolithic slabs and strip foundations. Also, concrete pillows are made from B 12.5 concrete.

C 12/15

It is one of the most widely used brands of concrete. It is used for laying bricks and building blocks, making various types of foundations in individual construction, ceilings, retaining walls, concrete stairs. This brand of concrete is also used for the construction of road foundations that are subjected to minor loads. 

C 16/20

Most often, it is used during the pouring of concrete stairs, paths, bridges, fences, monolithic foundations. Thus, it is most suitable for private construction.

C 18/22.5

It is mostly used in the construction of monolithic foundations: slab, strip and pile-grid foundations; during the construction of monolithic and retaining walls, stairs, paths, bridges, floor slabs, sewer wells, the upper layer of roads with high load and other responsible buildings and structures.

C 20/25

It is mainly used in the construction of load-bearing structures, such as beams, columns, monolithic walls and monolithic foundations, floor slabs, etc. This brand of concrete is most often used in the production of various reinforced concrete products and reinforced concrete structures. 

C 25/30

It is used in the construction of the basement floors of tall monolithic buildings, hydraulic facilities, bank vaults, bridge structures, basins, columns, beams, crossbars and other structures with special requirements.

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